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 13 reviews
by Ronnie T. Johnson on
Awesome work!

I have worked with many movers before, but I must say that your experienced moving company is on the top of my list. I was really worried about my belongings, but you guys moved everything without a scratch. I will definitely tell my friends about you!

by Robert Wellington on

I must say, this was the first time I had to use the services of a professional moving company, but I am grateful that I found your business. My son was moving out, and we needed some help with his furniture and appliances. The specialists working for your company did an incredible job, and I will be more than happy to work with you again!

by Dean C. Riley on
Good job.

After saving money for more than five years, my family and I finally bought a house of our own. As a family of four, we had a lot of items to move, and this is why I started looking for an experienced transportation company. A friend of mine recommended your moving business, and this is how I found you. Thank you for everything!

by Barbara Kelly on
Nicely done!

My landlord came one day and told me that he was selling the place. I had a week to find another place to live, and most importantly figure out how I was going to move my things there. I decided that the best place to find a proper transportation company was on the Internet, and this is how I found you! Thank you for being so prompt and efficient!

by Randy M.M. on

I just got married a few weeks ago, and my wife and I bought a new house. It was time for us to move out of my parent's house, and we definitely needed an experienced mover that could help us with our stuff. My brother recommended your business, and I am glad that he did - you guys were amazing!

by Jack T. Robinson on
Professionally done.

My brother bought a house in the same neighborhood as ours. Although my dad wanted to help him move, I thought that it would be a better idea to hire a professional mover for the job. After all, our father had some serious issues with his back, and we didn't want to make matters worse. I must say, you guys did a prompt and efficient job, thank you very much!

by James Clark on
Prompt and professional!

The last time I decided to move by myself and with the help of friends did not go well. I damaged most of my furniture, broke half a dozen of plates, and God knows what else. This time, I decided to hire qualified local movers who knew how to move things properly and this is how I found your company. I wish I knew about the existence of your company the last time I moved - thank you!

by Matt Washington on
Awesome work!

My sister was moving in a house very close to mine. At first, I thought that my friends and I could help her with the transportation of the items, but when she mentioned the number of her belongings, I started looking for experienced local movers. Your company performed an amazing job, I will definitely recommend you!

by Steven Hoffman on
Thank you very much!

My mom was getting old, and she definitely needed someone who could take care of her. My brother was overseas, and so I made a decision to move in with her. I still had quite a few things to bring with me, so I started asking around for a professional trucking company that could help me move. A friend of mine gave me your contact details, and this is how I found you. You guys did an awesome job, thanks!

by Kenneth Brown on
Outstanding work!

I finally bought my own house. It had been a while, but it was time for me to move in. I had a lot of stuff I had accumulated over the years, and this is why I needed the help of a reliable trucking company. Your moving specialists did an incredible job, so I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family!

by Samuel Townsend on
Good job!

My wife's sister was in a tough spot, so we decided to take her in for a few weeks until she could get back on her feet. I started looking for a business that offered a professional moving & storage service, and after a few minutes on the Internet, I found you. Thanks for your quick and flawless services!

by Bradley P. on
Thank you very much!

I wanted to move in with my brother for a couple of months, but I needed someone who could provide me with a proper moving & storage service. He was out of town, so I needed somewhere to keep my items. Your professionals did an amazing job, thank you!

by James B. on
Great work!

I was looking for a reliable moving company that can safely transport my belongings to my new house. So, I called Vienna Econo Van Lines LLC and was not disappointed. They did a fantastic job, and their rates are competitive too! That is why, I absolutely recommend those guys.