What Not to do While Moving

There are a lot of articles on the web teaching people how to move properly and peacefully, but to balance it out, we have decided to show you some things you should never do when on the move. It’s no secret that relocating to a new home is among the hardest things you will ever have to do, so read carefully and don’t fall prey to such common mistakes.

Thousands of people move, but they still make the same mistakes again and again. The first common blunder is:

Not doing enough research on the moving companies

There are a few very important subjects you have to cover in your research for movers. Are they properly licensed by the state’s Dept. of Transportation? Are they members of the Better Business Bureau, are they accredited by similar organizations? The moving industry is known to be a tough one and it’s hard to find truly reliable companies that you can safely trust. There are other important things as well, like experience and the condition of their staff and moving vehicles. Take your time with the research because making the mistake of choosing the wrong company will cost you a lot.

moving tips to followMissing out on free resources

You will be surprised at how much packing you will have to do and how easy it is to run out of packing resources. Boxes and newspapers of all kinds will help you with the packing, so don’t throw any of them before you start packing. Also, remember that these materials can be quite costly if you have a lot to pack

Large boxes with heavy items

Do not put any items of big weight into boxes that are too large for them.

Transporting Hazardous Items

It goes without saying that you should not be packing any flammable, explosive, or corrosive items and materials. Airlines forbid any perfumes and other similar substances from airplanes for a good reason.

Misplacing your moving contract

This contract is very important for you during your move. It is between you and your movers, and you should keep it close at all times because it is essential. If any problems arise during the move, which is definitely not out of the question, it can help you resolve the situation in your favor as much as possible.

Forgetting to label your boxes

It’s very, very important to make sure to label each box to keep everything in order and well organized. Everyone who is moving has a lot of boxes and items, and it’s critical to label them all for proper distribution. Make sure to include the contents, handling instructions and the room each box should be placed in upon arrival. Don’t just write “Henry’s Room” or “Miscellaneous”, but include what is inside instead.

Do your homework on tax deductions

There are a lot of guidelines that determine which items are tax-deductible and which don’t fall under these requirements. Never forget to do that, even if it seems like a chore. Check the IRS website, and keep all the relevant receipts. Also, do this in advance, and not on moving day.

Keep a copy of this list if you don’t want to forget anything. We hope it will be useful to you! If you are planning to move and need the assistance of a reliable moving company in Vienna, VA, we can give you a hand! Vienna Econo Van Lines LLC has a lot of experience in the relocation industry and our team can handle all kinds of heavy-duty assignments. Feel free to give us a call any time!

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